Computational Tools

As part of the ongoing work to determine the correct mathematical framework for describing physical phenomena, we have been developing several software based tools to aid in the computation and visualisation of results. This work is being lead by Innes Anderson-Morrison and currently comprises of the two software libraries listed below and supporting programs / scripts built using them.

The current stable versions of the libraries can be found at the Quicycle GitHub page here, with the latest changes being available at the links given below.

  • arpy – a python library and command line tool for interactive computation. arpy was originally developed to aid in comparing different metrics and configurations of the elements within the AR algebra which makes it particularly powerful for comparing results of calculations under different systems.
  • arthroprod – a rust re-write of the main arpy algorithm and data-structures that leverages the rust typesystem to provide more support for users of the library when writing new operations and reductions.