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TITLE: HOW TO BUILD A UNIVERSE: Beyond The Standard Models
AUTHOR: Vivian Robinson

This groundbreaking book describes the makeup of our universe, from the fabric of spacetime, to the smallest subatomic particles, to the largest structures in the universe. It employs 3 spacial dimensions and 1 time dimension, and mathematics that is accessible to the average science graduate.

In addition to illuminating the substructure of the elementary subatomic particles, the model presented also seeks to explain several phenomena that have troubled physicists and cosmologists for many years.

These include:
– The manner in which protons and neutrons bond in a nucleus
– The structure and properties of any nucleus of any A & Z
– The aspect of nuclear structure that yields stability vs radioactivity
– The nature of gravity
– Redshift
– Galactic rotation
– And much more.

Publication Number: QP0002

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