QV0125: John Williamson In Memoriam

A tribute to the life and work of Dr. John Graeme Williamson (1956-2024). John worked at CERN, did innovative R&D at Philips, and taught at Glasgow University for many years. He is the father of sub-quantum mechanics, the composer of M.A.R.T., the Mathematics of Absolute Relativity Theory, and founder of the Quantum Bicycle Society (www.Quicycle.com).

Guests include: Dr. Vivian Robinson, Arnie Benn, Dr. Mayank Drolia, Innes Anderson-Morrison, Michael Mercury, Dr. Stephen Leary, Prof. Garnet Ord, Prof. Peter Rowlands, Prof. Chandra Roychoudhuri, David Williamson, Colin Waddell, and Nicola Graves-Gregory.