Here is a list of terms, which emerge from the innovative work of Quicycle members, and with which you might be unfamiliar.

This is not an inter-action. It is just action. It is a force to which there is no resistance, a process that must occur. Example: If there is a changing electric field, there will be a corresponding changing magnetic field associated with it. It is a fundamental process of electro-mass dynamics.

The conscious restriction of thinking to only elements with the proper relativistic form.

A negatively charged, highly stable subatomic particle with a left-handed spin of S=½, a charge of -1.6×10-19 Coulombs, and a mass/energy content of 511 keV. It has a toroidal sub-structure in momentum space, and is comprised of a photon of the appropriate energy making two revolutions per wavelength. Its charge field manifests as a sphere. For more on electrons, see Understanding electrons.

The directed space-space-space volume element in M.A.R.T. (see below). The element can be outwardly-directed, like the spines on a hedgehog, or — a somewhat less comfortable image (for the hedgehog) — inwardly-directed.

The consideration of a complete quantum system, including source, observer, and that which is common between them.

The “Mathematics of Absolute Relativity Theory”
An evolving Clifford-Dirac algebra designed to encapsulate Absolute Relativity. It aims to develop to a solution of Hilbert’s 6th. It is named in memory and honor of founding Quicyclist, Dr. Martin van der Mark. (See Computational Tools)

The scalar unit element in MART. It has the same physical dimension as the magnetic field but transforms as a rest-mass rather than a field.

The underlying process of photon emission and absorption.
(See Van der Mark, Williamson, 2016)

The 4-dimensional analog of the “Hedgehog” (see above).

(Pronounced like ‘bicycle,’ but with a ‘Qu.’)
A contraction of the words “Quantum Bicycle.” It represents the turning, twisting, and tumbling motion of an electron (or positron) in free (4D) space-time.

The process of a photon being reflected back out into space from Earth.
(If we could hear at the speed of light, it may also be the sound it makes.)

The science that extends quantum mechanics to describes the sub-structure of subatomic particles that gives rise to their properties. It encompassing the mathematics of absolute relativity (M.A.R.T.), represented by the equation, 𝒟𝜇𝚵𝒢=0, as well as quantum inversion.

The stupidly-strong force holding the electron together. (Formerly known as the ‘Poincaré stresses.’)
If you doubt it, smash an electron into a proton at high GeV and see who’s left standing. Unscathed.

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