QV0119: John Williamson on the Demystify Science Podcast, Part 2: Sub-Atomic Architecture

Dr. John G. Williamson is a well-known researcher and author whose work on particle physics, nano electronics, and on the physical foundations of atomic phenomena has been cited nearly 14,000 times. During his time at the advanced theoretical and experimental group at Philips Research, Williamson was part of the project that designed the first solid-state single electron device, and was able to take measurements of electrons in the quantum state. and discovered that they were enormous; in certain conditions, they were tens of nanometers across. This discovery, combined with his skepticism over particle physics that he acquired during his time at CERN, set him off on a new quest: to be the first person to truly understand the nature of the electron. With his Philips colleague Martin van der Mark, Williamson started the Quantum Bi-Cycle Society, which explores the physical foundation for atomic phenomena and hopes to settle, once and for all, the mysterious nature of the atom. We talk to him about the architectural principles necessary to satisfy the equations of quantum mechanics, serious problems with the quark model, the relationship between spin and charge, and why the definition of time is not the same thing as the nature of time.