QV0120: John Williamson on the Demystify Science Podcast, Part 3: Pitfalls of Willful Ignorance in Physics

Dr. John G. Williamson is a founding member of the Quicycle Society, and is back for a third conversation – this time about cosmological, electrical, and institutional questions. He is a veteran of CERN and the R&D division of Philips research who spends his days thinking about the unanswered problems in physics. In his view, there are foundational problems with key physical theories that scientists ignore at their own peril. Solutions to these inconsistencies will not be found at the end of a massively complicated equation that no one really understands – they will be found in the intuitive exploration of natural phenomena. We discuss the nature of the electron, possible causes for red shift, an explanation for charge, and the future of science. there are problems in physics that we can’t keep ignoring.