Quicycle Journal & Books


The Quantum Bicycle Society is pleased to share the following selection of journal articles & books. Below you will find:

1. A list of Journal Articles by Quicycle members, published here (QJ) or elsewhere (QP).
2. A list of Books by Quicycle members, published here or elsewhere.

1. Journal Articles:

1. The Quantum Bicycle Journal: papers published exclusively by us.

In order of most recent:
QJ0028: Doskas, G., “Spherical Harmony: A Journey of Geometric Discovery” (2011)
QJ0027: Robinson, V.N.E., “Alternative Path to Solve Einstein’s Field Equations” (2023)
QJ0026: Benn, A., Williamson, J.G., “The Photonic Topology Of Quantum Spin” (2022)
QJ0025: Williamson, J.G., Benn, A., Mercury, M., “Quantum Spin Coherence In Four Derived 3-Spaces” (2022)
QJ0022a: Robinson, V. N. E., “Moving Clocks And Special Relativity Rest Reference Frames” Version 2 (2020)
QJ0020: Ord, G.N., “Perspective, Images, And Quantum Mechanics As A Relativistic Effect” (2020)
QJ0019: Van der Mark, M.B. and Williamson, J.G., “Inversion and general invariance in spacetime” (2016)

2. Papers Published Elsewhere by Quicycle members and contributors.

QJ0024: Van der Mark, M.B., Williamson, J.G., “Relativistic Inversion, Invariance and inter-action” (Symmetry, 2021)
QJ0023: Robinson, V.N.E., “Physical explanations of Einstein’s gravity” (J. Phys. Commun. 2021)
QJ0018: Williamson, J.G., “A new linear theory of light and matter” (2019)
QJ0017: Van der Mark, M.B., “Quantum particle, light clock or heavy beat box?” (2019)
QJ0016: Van der Mark, M.B., “On the nature of “stuff” and the hierarchy of forces” (2015)
QJ0015: Williamson, J.G., “On the nature of the photon and the electron” (2015)
QJ0014: Williamson, J.G. and Leary, S.J., “Absolute relativity in classical electromagnetism: the quantisation of light” (2015)
QJ0013: Hagen, W.F., “Matter in the form of toroidal electromagnetic vortices” (2015)
QJ0012: Van der Mark, M.B., “Quantum mechanical probability current as electromagnetic 4-current from topological EM fields” (2015)
QJ0011: Williamson, J.G., “A new theory of light and matter” (2014)
QJ0010: Williamson, J.G., “Fermions From Bosons and the Origin of the Exclusion Principle” (2012)
QJ0009:Butler, P.H., Gresnigt, N.G., Van der Mark, M.B., and Renaud, P.F., “A fields only version of the Lorentz Force law: Particles replaced by their fields” (2012)
QJ0008: Van der Mark, M.B., and ‘t Hooft, G.W., “Light is Heavy” (2000)
QJ0007: Williamson, J.G., and Van der Mark, M.B., “Is the electron a photon with toroidal topology?” (1997)
QJ0006: Williamson, J.G. and Timmering, C.E., “Quantum point contact as a local probe of the electrostatic potential contours” (1990)

3. Classic Papers we felt it worthwhile to include.

QJ0005: De Broglie, L., “Recherches sur la théorie des Quanta” (1924)
QJ0004: Einstein, A., Relativity: The Special And General Theory, (Henry Holt, NY, 1920)
QJ0003: Clifford, W., “Applications of Grassmann’s Extensive Algebra” (1878)


2. Books:

1. Quicycle Books: Works of non-fiction & science fiction by Quicycle members.

In order of most recent:
QB0005: Benn, A., “THE INTREPID: Dawn Of The Interstellar Age” (2023)
QB0004: Robinson, V. N. E., “THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” (2021)

2. Books by Quicyclists: Selected works published elsewhere by Quicycle members.

In order of most recent:
QB0003: Rangacharyulu, C., Polachic, C., “FROM ATOMS TO HIGGS BOSON: Voyages In Quasi-Spacetime” (Jenny Stanford Publishing, 2019)
QB0002: Kauffman, L. H., “KNOTS AND PHYSICS” (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2012)
QB0001: Rowlands, P., “ZERO TO INFINITY: The Foundations of Physics” (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2007)