QC0105: Prof. Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri: Cosmic Tension Field, QA&D

This is the QA&D session following Prof. Chandra Roychoudhuri’s presentation (QC0104) on the Cosmic Tension Field. The objective of that presentation was to demonstrate that keeping our focus on understanding and visualizing the physical interaction processes, which are going on in natural evolution, will keep on helping us integrate newer knowledge towards a united whole-istic model. The foundation of my thinking is Huygens’ postulate on the root of EM wave propagation process, which requires a stationary Cosmic Tension Field (CTF), historically known as “ether”. CTF holds 100% of the energy of the universe. I will use the CTF-model to (i) critically review Special Relativity related optical interferometry, (ii) Cosmological Redshift & (iii) a model for the emergence of particle superposition effects. All manifest and observable phenomena are different kinds of excited states of the same CTF (EM waves & particles), all of which are mutually interacting and undergoing rule-driven transformations obeying the law of conservation of energy. Asymmetry drives perpetual evolution (transformations). Intrinsic dialectical interaction properties and complexities create diversity, which assures continuous evolution, slow enough for biological lives to enjoy the processes and even learn to visualize the processes!

Recorded: GMT20200816

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