QV0112: Arnie Benn: The Physics of Sub-Quantum Spin

This presentation offers answers to the following questions about electrons, charge, quantization, and spin:
1. What is the sub-structure of the electron? 2. What is the origin of its monopole charge? 3. What are the precise components of electron quantum spin? 4. What is the topological difference between a spin-up electron and a spin-down electron? 5. By what mechanism do electrons pair so eagerly despite having like charges? 6. What physics causes electrons to pair with opposite spins by ‘Pauli Exclude’ with like spins? 7. What is the physics of Hund’s 2nd Rule favoring like-spin electron resonances in orbitals? 8. What might the mechanism of matter-antimatter annihilation be? 9. What mathematics encompasses this ‘Sub-Quantum Mechanics’?

Building upon the foundation of John Williamson’s Sub-Quantum Mechanics and Absolute Relativity Theory, this talk delves into the concept of quantum spin, identifying the 3 specific components of the electron’s internal spin. These components are then leveraged in order to clarify the topological difference between ‘spin-up’ and ‘spin-down’ electrons, the physical spin-mediated mechanisms underlying electron bonding, the Pauli Exclusion ‘Principle’ and Hund’s 2nd Rule, as well as deriving the magnetic field from the spin tri-vector potential. We also probe the physical, spin-mediated mechanism involved in matter-antimatter annihilation.

This talk was given to The Quantum Bicycle Society on 2/4/23