QV0113: Arnie Benn: The Physics Of Sub-Quantum Spin, QA&D

This is the Q&A and discussion following the talk by Arnie Benn, featuring John G. Williamson, Vivian Robinson, Garnet Ord, Lyndon Ashmore, Innes Anderson-Morrison, Jarek Duda, and Chantal Roth.
Topics discussed include quantu mechanics, relativity, electron superposition, and the spin tri-vector potential.

The Physics of Sub-Quantum Spin: https://quicycle.com/video/qv0112-arnie-benn-the-physics-of-sub-quantum-spin/

Building upon the foundation of John Williamson’s Sub-Quantum Mechanics and Absolute Relativity Theory, the talk delved into the concept of quantum spin, identifying the 3 specific components of the electron’s internal spin. These components were then leveraged in order to clarify the topological difference between ‘spin-up’ and ‘spin-down’ electrons, the physical spin-mediated mechanisms underlying electron bonding, the Pauli Exclusion ‘Principle’ and Hund’s 2nd Rule, as well as deriving the magnetic field from the spin tri-vector potential. The physical, spin-mediated mechanism involved in matter-antimatter annihilation was also explored.

The talk was given to The Quantum Bicycle Society on 2/4/23